It started in 2010. I'd been in the bike industry since college and had my own frame brand called Kazane. That was going well but the chance for growth wasn't there. That year I changed my retail bike shop name to Starlight Bikes and started Starlight Apparel. Our first manufacturing partner is the one we used for everything today. They've grown with us over the last seven years and are now the best in the world. Our manufacturing is in China and our factory pays well and treats their workers with respect. They are like family to us and I wouldn't trade this relationship for anything. This partnership allows us to be on the cutting edge with new pieces and fabric plus gives us the turnaround that is the envy of the industry.

In 2014 Scottie Weiss became available for full-time design and I didn't think twice. He's much more than a designer, though. Who else can brag that they have a World Champion as product tester? Scottie's experience is what can give you the best looking kit in town, plus it prevents issues with design quality that can ruin your new kit day.

                                                                                        Stratton Delany