The Black Bibs


A few weeks ago we launched a side project called The Black Bibs. It's something I've been thinking about for a few years and finally got around to working on. When I started riding as a teenager in the 90's black bibs are what we had and what we wore. If you could afford it you had more than one pair, but we wore them without thinking about it.

Fast forward to now and we see some differences in the market. One is that affordable shorts and bibs aren't of the fit or quality that they used to be. It seems they are designed by people who don't ride or test their own product. It also seems that manufacturers are afraid to engineer compression into "entry-level" bibs because they feel that new or recreational riders don't want a snug fit. We feel this is wrong. We based our fit on our popular Starlight custom bibs but made adjustments to take advantage of the increased stretch of the dyed fabric (printed - or sublimated - fabric needs to have less stretch built in to avoid becoming see-through under compression). There is absolutely no reason that an affordable pair of bibs can't fit as well as an expensive pair.

The second thing we noticed in the current market is the increased prices in what is considered a good pair of bibs. 20 years ago Assos was the only brand with $100+ bibs (and trust us, our $40 bibs are nicer than those), but now even the big names have $150+ bibs that honestly aren't that great. It shouldn't be thought that you have to spend $300 on a pair of bibs and jersey to enjoy riding. Our Namesake bibs at $40 are good for 5+ hour rides and you won't think about how much you spent on them.

We're currently low on stock but a refill is expected 10/23.

Stratton Delany