Rider Profile: Allan Rego

This week's featured rider is Allan Rego of Jamison Capital Partners (formerly Lupus Racing Team). We've known Allan since early 2015 when he came down from NYC for the LRT training camp.

2015 Lupus Racing Team

2015 Lupus Racing Team

When did you start racing?

I started at Boston College in 2007. We were part of the ECCC League. The collegiate environment is great. Most of us were new and just figuring it all out, so ego was low and fun was off the charts.

Who has been your biggest influence in racing?

Too many to count, but it has always been a training partner. It has never been one of “the greats.”

What is your favorite race (and why)?

Floyd Bennett Field (FBF) is my favorite race. It takes place weekly in the summer in Brooklyn. FBF is a retired airstrip. We race around the runways. Strong wind off the ocean is a regular feature. The goal is as much to turn yourself inside out as it is to win.

What race result are you most proud of?

In 2011 I won my first big regional crit, Keith Berger Memorial. That was really the catalyst for everything that has happened since. Perhaps I have had better results since, but nothing quite as pivotal.

Prerace music:

I wish I had something, but I’m all over the map with music and haven’t found anything to reliably get me in the mood.

Go-to training ride:

9W, just across the Hudson River and North of NYC. It may be the most trained-on route in the country or even world. Also, I have to give a shout out to Central Park. It’s always amazing in the early morning and evening hours, especially if you only have an hour to train.

Favorite piece of Starlight gear:

Skinsuit! I wear it all the time because I worry that anything else would just be throwing watts in to the wind.

If you could do any race on Earth what would it be?

It’s a yet to be run race. The peloton does 100k of laps in Central Park in Manhattan, then the peloton barrels south in Manhattan down 7th ave and through Times Square then over the Brooklyn Bridge roadway. Once in Brooklyn there will be 50k of laps for the peloton in Prospect Park, then the peloton heads straight down Ocean Avenue for a Boulevard Sprint finish in Coney Island.


Goals for next season:

Smash the front of the race for my teammates for most of the year and win for my teammates when I’m hot.

Signing in at the 2017 Joe Martin Stage Race

Signing in at the 2017 Joe Martin Stage Race

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