Rider Profile: Winston David

This week we profile Winston David of Cyclus Sports - Starlight Factory Racing. Winston was first part of the Starlight community as a member of Lupus Racing Team. This year we're glad to have him back as part of the new UCI team out of North Carolina.


When did you start racing? I started racing in October 2002. That summer I saw the Tour de France on TV and thought it looked cool. I did some group rides and saw a flyer for a race called Cyclefest in West Palm Beach. It was a great series of crits that took place in a shopping district called City Place and next to the intercoastal waterway.

Who has been your biggest influence in racing? My biggest influence in racing has been my wife Sara. She has been with me through thick and thin. She always brings me up when I am down and gives me motivation when I need it. Without Sara I doubt I would still be racing.

What is your favorite race (and why)? My favorite race is Rouge- Roubaix. It is an epic 107-mile road race that has 20 miles of dirt roads that have steep grades. The paved roads are questionable as well. It is a true hard man’s race.

What race result are you most proud of? Getting the win at the 2015 edition of Rouge- Roubaix. My teammates believed in me put me in the break of three riders 7 miles into the race. I was ecstatic to be able to pull off the win.

Prerace music: I don’t typically listen to music pre-race.

Go-to training ride: I love doing a loop from home where I ride from Greenville, SC to Tryon, NC. Once in Tryon there are a bunch of climbs to choose from. I typically climb Hogback Mountain, Skyuka Mountain Road, climb up to Saluda via the Saluda Grade. Then I descend Green River Road and come back up to Saluda. Then I head back to Greenville and hit Paris Mountain right at the end of my ride. It is an epic 110 mile day with 10,000-11,000 feet of elevation gain. The scenery is second to none. I get stunning mountain top views, ride in the woods some, and see some waterfalls. It’s a great ride!

Favorite piece of Starlight gear: My favorite piece of Starlight gear is the aero road suit. It is perfect for road races as it has pockets and is aero as well. I will wear that thing a lot this year.

Winston after winning the 2015 Rouge-Roubaix

Winston after winning the 2015 Rouge-Roubaix

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