What do I need to get my design off the ground?

We're here to make it easy for you. Our lead designer Scottie Weiss has more experience in this business than anyone else. We'll need some help from you, though.


We start the design process with core pieces like jerseys and bibs first.


To print cleanly onto fabric, logos need to be in vector format. (.ai or .eps)


We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) in the Coated Book to perfectly match your colors.


The Starlight logo shall be located on the chest and one pocket of the tops.


If you have your own designer or experience with Adobe Illustrator our templates can be downloaded here.


We include one hour of design with initial orders of twelve or more pieces, and up to two hours of design for initial orders of 50 or more pieces.


We can send you a fit sample kit for your team to try on. They may be kept for a maximum of two weeks. After two weeks you will be charged for it on a credit card that you give us.


After your design is completed, the next step is getting your kits into production. We offer three ways of collecting orders:


This is the traditional way of ordering. One person send in total quantities and we create an invoice based off of those numbers. This is the best way to get your gear in your hands in the fastest time. The delivery period starts when design is approved and payment is received. We do not ship until full payment is received.


Don't let the name fool you - this is for more than just teams. We set up a store for your team, group, or event and leave it open for approximately two weeks. After the order closes we spend a day or so making sure everything is good, then the production process starts. The estimated delivery period starts two days after the close of the store. The benefit is that one team manager doesn't have to collect money and disperse gear. We can either ship individually to team members or to one point person. The drawback is that it adds a bit of time to the overall process.

TEAM 365

Team 356 is a program designed for teams and other organizations who would benefit from having a team store that is open all the time. Orders would go into production shortly after being placed. This is an ideal solution for groups that can't bulk order and can't work with the time constraints of a team store.


When will my kits arrive?

Don't worry! You are in good hands. Our turnaround time is faster than your town line sprint.

Our delivery estimate is from the day your design is approved and payment received to the day it ships from our headquarters in Roanoke, VA. Currently this is around 3-4 weeks. At this point, we ship via UPS Ground on bulk orders and USPS Priority Mail on Team Store orders. You may upgrade to Express shipping at actual cost, or you may pick it up from us at our HQ at no shipping charge. Sometimes a few pieces will not make it on your initial shipment, usually due to a remake for Quality Control. We cannot discount or refund if a piece or an order is behind schedule.