Team 365

Team 365 is aimed at custom clients who will benefit from having a team store open all year. It's a unique program in the cycling world which is why we have a few rules:


  • Our pricing in this program is firm. We can’t give a lower price if you have a larger order because each order placed by your rider goes individually into production
  • We can’t mark up the price and pay a royalty or donation. We believe in helping nonprofits (we donate to many) but adding a payment level complicates things and gets our accountant involved. Our goal is to make this a sustainable program. If you’d like to use your jersey sales as a fundraiser we can recommend several websites for this and do a bulk order for you.
  • Once the design is approved we can’t update during the season. New sponsors (or taking off current sponsors) equals hours of design time.
  • We can’t rush specific orders or give exact updates on production to individual customers. If there is an unforeseen delay due to a fabric shortage, printer issue, etc we’ll let you know. With thousands of pieces in production at any given time we can’t give an update on a single order.
  • Team 365 orders are not eligible for returns or exchanges due to size. We’ll be glad to talk through fit with you.