Design Process 1

We're here to make it easy for you. Our lead designer Scottie Weiss has more experience in this business than anyone else. We'll need some help from you, though:

  • WHAT PIECES YOU NEED. The first step is to make sure we start on the correct template. Each of our cycling jerseys uses a unique pattern so each has its own template. We start with designing the core pieces - in a cycling kit the jersey and bibs - and once those pieces are 100% approved and complete we create the other pieces like skinsuits, jackets, and warmers. If we create 10 different pieces and you decide that a change is needed the revision can take hours, so we try to get all revisions done on the core pieces first.

  • LOGOS. To print cleanly onto fabric logos need to be in vector format. What this means is created in Adobe Illustrator and made of of curves, stroke, and lines - not pixels. The file extensions can be .ai, .eps., pr .pdf. Please note that simply saving a jpeg or similar as an eps does not make it vector. Please get us all logos at the same time. When we have a lot of projects it is difficult to keep track of logos that trickle in.

  • COLORS. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) in the Coated Book to perfectly match your colors. Sublimation printing on fabric is much more complex than printing directly onto paper. If you or your designer give is CMYK we cannot guarantee that the color will be the same at the end of the process after the ink on the transfer paper has been baked onto the fabric.

  • BRANDING. The Starlight logo shall be located on the chest and one pocket of the tops. On tech tees it will be near the waist on the left front. We are not able to remove our logos from a design.

  • TEMPLATES. If you have your own designer or experience with Adobe Ilustrator our templates can be downloaded here. All patterns and background images need to be masked, not clipped. PLEASE NOTE THAT AT THIS POINT WE ARE NOT ABLE TO MATCH DESIGNS FROM ANOTHER MANUFACTURER. WE ARE ALSO NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT DESIGNS THAT DO NOT CONTAIN ALL PANTONE #’S.

  • DESIGN FEES. We include one hour of design with initial orders of twelve or more pieces, and up to two hours of design for initial orders of 50 or more pieces. We can get a lot done in that hour, too. Extra time is billed at $50/hour.

  • TEMPLATES. Templates can be downloaded here