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Greetings, friends! 

Welcome to the MOUNTAINCAT 100 store! 

We're stoked to offer a tech tee commemorating the worlds worst mountain bike race that takes place in Richmond, Virginia. This year, the MTNCAT team put on not one, but TWO, epic rides in order to raise money for a beloved friend in the Richmond cycling community Kurtis, who is ready to get on the trails and in need of an adaptive mountain bike.

Store will close June 9th, 2023 

*Proceeds from tech tee sales will go directly to Kurtis to help get him back on the bike. Expected delivery date is approximately 4-6 weeks from order date. Please email with sizing questions.*
MTNCAT 100 Logo by John Maitland, Pizza in a Ziplock by Emma Troy, National Raccoon Association logo and final design by Charlotte Laurance. 

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