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Starlight Custom Apparel

Denton County Cycling Alpha Shorts

Denton County Cycling Alpha Shorts

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We’ve stepped up our “entry-level” shorts in a big way. For 2019 they use the same pattern and 5cm Italian power band leg opening as our legendary Pro+ Bibs. The only difference is a slightly more affordable chamois and printed fabric. Many find these more comfortable, though.


  • Sublimated compression fabric side and rear panel. Our new vacuum heat press technology means that the ink stays true even when stretched.

  • 5cm Italian compression fabric power band. Silicon is integrated into the band to hold the leg opening in place without being too tight. Our zig-zag stitch ensures that there is no binding at the attachment between the band and body of the bib. Most brands use a flat stitch here, which results in it feeling like a rubber band around your leg.


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